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The year 2008 – 2009 in HT CR

07.04.2009 13:23

With this text we would like to introduce the Czech HT to the Global Council which is to hold place in April 2009 in South Africa’s Johannesburg. We would like to let people around the world know how we live, what we do in HT, what HT is to us, how we perceive it, what HT gives us and what we receive from it.

In the Czech team we are experiencing many gatherings of different kinds; we organize not only the big ones – national day of HT supporters for example but also many events of friendly or educational nature. There we create safe and free space for expressing who we truly are, for discovering and bonding with each other. Roles that we take upon us are different and we enjoy the variety. Once you get to be the main organizer of an event, next time you become a lecturer conveying wisdom, then you enjoy being a participant receiving gifts from others. Our aim is to nurture people who have something to give to others; we give them a chance to experience being lecturers or organizers in a free and safe space where they can develop their skills.

Parenting School
January, March, May 2008, Třebíč
Vlasta Frantová is a kindergarten teacher and we have experienced lots of beautiful activities she does with the children ourselves. Still as adults we had great fun. With Vlasta, it is always about coming back to childhood, to joy, to the essence of our being that we tend to forget in the chaos of our every day lives. Our positive reactions lured Vlasta to create a cycle of interactive workshops focusing on changing the patterns of our behavior learned in our childhood. The workshops were intended for those who wish to mend them. With the method of creative drama we lived through our childhood once again – this time according to our most pleasant visions. And we got a chance to realize that we are not „like“ a family. In HT we truly are a family. These events were full of joyful experience, creativity and life – just as Vlasta herself – and we are glad to “get infected” by her vivacity.

February 2008, Písek
Other people who wanted to experience being organizers and tutors in the safe space of HT were Radka Svobodová and Kamil Krbálek. The workshop was called Touches and was full of hugs, caresses, cuddling and touching when our souls, hearts and bodies connected. Through touches we share what is within us, our world and our life, we can experience deep connection with each other and find what is common for all of us. Through touches, we find yet another way to experience Oneness.

New Earth Gathering
January 2008 Proseč, February 2008 Praha
New Earth is a vision of love, peace and harmony that comes into existence when people bond together. New Earth thrives in the free space among us. New Earth is also a community of people in CR around the web portal and creation of which was inspired by a book by Eckhart Tolle. It currently has around 1000 members. Both goals and means of this community are very similar to what we are doing in HT therefore many teammates are also involved in this community. These two groups often cooperate and people are free to move from one group to another. Many HT newcomers are originally from New Earth. In 2008 a few meetings took place where we got to know each other, shared our inspiration and experience. Similar events are planned also for 2009.

Easter Together
March 2008, Jeseníky
This was a friendly gathering without a pre-set agenda, though full of profound spiritual experiences as participants were working hard to cultivate their spiritual essence. It is at these events when we fully realize the meaning of our searching and self-inquiring, which is to live our life to its fullest, be among friends, be respected and supported, be a part of a community. During the long weekend we made use of all the skills we learned to become who we really want to become. Although Christian Pankhurst, a great tutor of Heart Circles, was among the participants, this was not a workshop. We created something beyond circles, many of us perceived that we visited a world from which the Circles are born or where life in Circles leads - the world of joy. And joy we created through dancing, cooking, drumming, walking and sharing.

European Coordinators in Prague
March 2008, Praha
Being in contact with the world is very important for us and thus we were delighted to host a gathering of twenty-two leaders of the national teams from fourteen European countries. We feel that the international current of inspiration and support helps us. Being aware of the fact that we are a part of a greater whole feels like having wings and we are often surprised to see that some of what we do can be inspiring for people around the world. We here in Czech play, do what we like, what we love and then are in awe about what our world-connected coordinators say about the international impact.

15th national gathering
April 2008, Třebíč
We give specific topics to the national gatherings – kind of an unifying thought – a common topic for all the activities. This time the topic was “We are craeating the New Earth” and because Vlasta Frantová prepared the agenda, who has been playing with the most beautiful and creative human beings – children in kindergarten - for all her life, thus our gathering too was very creative. We were drawing the New Earth, acting it out in a drama, singing and dancing it. As unconditional love is inherent in our activities, the New Earth truly came to existence among us. And who does not believe, should be with us next year...

Borovice Gathering
April 2008, Borovice
Some of our events are planned for many months but this one sprang to life in just a fortnight. Originally this was supposed to be just an ordinary Council meeting we hold regularly every two weeks. But then things started to happen – things the universe creates without our consciousness. It was an event born from one day to another. Apart from the Council meeting, we experienced both classic and dynamic meditations, guitar singing, dancing and sharing within a Heart Circle. But the highlight was passage through fire with a great guide - wizard Jirka Škvrna. It was the first time for him to guide the passage and the courage he got sprang again from the free and safe space within HT.

We are strongly interconnected and therefore we get very excited about personal affairs such as wedding. The year 2008 saw two of them. Two women who stood at the birth of HT CR and whose energy substantially contributes to the materialization of our vision both in CR and internationally, got married. And the brooms were two men closely bound with the international team and thus HT becomes literally an international family. In June, during the Love Tour 2008 Marketa Potmesilova and Martin Buhler took their vows, Zaneta Najdekova and Ejvind Jacobsen then did the same on the Czech soil. We had a terrific celebration, also given the fact that Zaneta’s ceremony preceded another national gathering.

16th (Inter)National Gathering
September 2008, Sidonie
The motto of this event was “Romantic relationships” but it was defined by the sound of drums and the warmth of the Sun. We took the most of the presence of our pal – Adam from the renowned Sioux native American tribe and danced to the sound of drums, chanting and singing. We also took advantage of the last day of summer, a part of our program took place at a sunny meadow – again we created a little heaven on our own. Our weather affirmations work for sure! And as our meeting was truly international, friends from Slovakia, USA, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Uzbekistan were among us.

“Natural Expression” Seminars
September, October 2008, Borovice
Apart from our own workshops and gatherings, sometimes we invite an individual from outside the movement, who we think can become a source of inspiration for us. And this is how we discovered Robert Sättler. His motto is “sooner or later we forget what we said, but we never forget how we felt”. And the feelings were the bottom line of this workshop too. Robert helped us discover our inherent potential and develop our personal skills, release our creativity and imagination. For the whole weekend barriers were crumbling and we together were creating a safe space where we could express freely and spontaneously who we really are, what is really within us, what we bring to the world. We could also experience many situation holding on to our inner strength that we used to experience with fear in the past.

17th National Gathering
December 2008, Prague
It is our tradition to hold a national meeting in Prague before Christmas, this time the topic was Saint Nicholas and the motto was “The Paths”. Paths to oneself, to others, paths leading up and down, to the past, present and the future, paths to Earth and elsewhere. And these were exactly the paths we walked, getting to know each other and the others too during this event. We were also drawing and painting the paths, putting them in a drama, danced them or meditated on them. And as the Czech tradition of St. Nicholas involves “a devil” too – he also stopped by from hell to check up on us. More than forty people gathered over those three days, old friends who have been meeting for ages or new faces that were attracted to HT only recently. We were again glad to see some people from the New Earth taking part too.

New Year’s Eve with HT
December 2008, Prague
A great year of 2008 came to its end and we celebrated its departure together. The last minutes of the last and the first moments of the New Year were filled with games and playfulness.

Return of the Circles to CR
January 2009, Prague
We have been using, living and working within and with them ever since Christian Pankhurst familiarized us with the Heart Circles in 2006. We have learnt a lot but still a memory of the first introduction to the Circles was within us. It was such a revelation and we decided we want to others to experience that as well. Therefore we brought the workshop back to CR again. The workshop clearly overcame our expectations and launched something great. It was a collective creation of many people, many of us dreamed about it and what we dreamed about became real. The two days with Christian filled us with energy and enthusiasm we still live off till now. What we experienced in the circle was as profound and interconnecting, as kind and fulfilling, as compassionate and loving as it could be. It seems that something extraordinary is being created in CR nowadays –maybe it is us at its birth.

Patronium 2009
February 2009, Praha
Our third annual Patronium (reunion of HT “patrons” – donors and supporters) was held in February. There the new HT Council was elected. We are delighted to see that many people entered HT during the past year wanting to become actively involved in HT and its activities. So now there are eleven people working on the Council. The Council also re-elected the coordination team of Marketa Bühler and Ladislav Laszlo. Of course not only formal affairs were discussed but it was a friendly get-together full of sharing, remembering as well as planning for the future. Our guest was Radovan Dluhy who stood at the birth of HT, for many years has worked with Neal Donald Walsch as the first World Wide Coordinating Director.

The Spirit of HT
February 2009, Prague
After the arrival of the new Council members, we felt a need to strengthen our teamwork, connect more and give our cooperation a brand new momentum. This harmonization process took place during our previous events and resulted into a common creative weekend where we explored what HT means for every each of us, what we want to be doing in the movement and how to present it to the outer world. And as this process is no easy one, we had a great coach in Robert Sättler, who has an extensive professional experience in teambuilding and its facilitation. This weekend’s workshop was called the “Spirit of HT and its realization”. Robert asked us whether we really know what we want and what we need and whether we know through what work or activity we want to realize the Spirit of HT. Each individually we have many visions and plans but we also often do not know how they chime with others. There are people with different approaches in HT and we want to be here for everybody. What to do was a question that we had to first become clear on within the Council. Those two days were really demanding, we demanded a lot from each other, but when you do what you love, with people you love, it becomes pure joy. A palpable result are four sentences and one picture, but behind it here is enormous energy and a closely bound team. We evoked the spirit HT and became its body.

Humanity´s Team is a community of people creating a free space for expressing of who we really are. It nourishes the individuality of everyone while building upon what all of us have in common. We are bound by mutual kindness, joy and respect. HT activities help us live a conscious and harmonious life.


Embracing Change
March 2009, Mladá Boleslav
We have a wish to anchor the Circles more in CR. After the workshop with Christian held in January, an idea was born to launch a project which will enable more people to get to know the energy of heart and Heart Circles. We labeled it “Embracing Change”. It is not a therapy, or discussion, positive thinking or intellectual theories. These workshops are not organized to change us but to improve our ability to carry out changes that we wish to see in our life and bring the results we desire. Trusting our own Heart Intelligence, gives us a clear path no matter whether relationships, work or life meaning is concerned. Embracing Change is a series of workshops and gatherings teaching how to gradually reach the desired quality of different aspects of one’s life. They also provide hands-on tools, inspiration and wide support for the realization of one’s dreams. Participants gain clarity and self-consciousness to make their own choices and learn to overcome obstacles standing in the way of their personal or professional success. And where did the energy of heart lead us this time? Men and women and feminine and masculine energy. This became the topic of our workshop, because questions on how to connect our femininity and masculinity are deeply bound with who we really are.

The Czech Conference
March 2009, Poděbrady
Many people in CR think about where humanity is heading and that is why Czech Conference was created, bearing a motto – “Humanity’s Evolution – Fate or Hope?“. This roused our interest because this is something we also deal with in HT. We were interested also in ways in which our activities can be connected to the mainstream society’s initiatives and debates. Czech society is not a very religious one and not many people are interested in spiritual issues. Therefore we often ponder how to approach the society and offer our spiritual space for its usage. We became aware of how much work awaits us because real spirituality is very rare at such events and evolution sometimes mean going backwards.

And what else?
  Behind all the events described here there is enormous amount of work, work-related meetings of bigger and smaller teams. We often meet at tea rooms, discuss and share. The Council meets regularly once a month or two. We also often hold evening workshops or debates open to the general public. We are now having success with our evenings called “What stops us from realizing the Secret” inspired by the movie and book, organized by Iveta and Frantisek Horvath. We are also inspired by a Hawaiian technique Ho´oponopono – meetings of its supporters are planned. We are also in close contact with many other spiritual groups, such as The Consciousness of Heart, Barkana or Creators of Wings.

Finances in 2008
Income of the movement in 2008 amounted to 3300 EUR, of which 1800 EUR come from the donations and gifts; and 1500 EUR profit from events. Expenditures amounted to 2100 EUR, while the most significant items on our expenditure list are operational costs (telephone calls, transportation).

What else do we plan in 2009?

Spiritual program of HT
We have a vision to create a more wholesome spiritual program and perhaps give it a common heading (Road to Ourselves?). We want to create a dynamic and flexible framework of our activities, bringing abundance to our lives. We believe that we will create such a program that will attract sponsorship. We are working on the operational stuff, think about finances, want to set up virtual accounts, looking for software etc.

April 2009
Another workshop “Embracing Change” with Christian Pankhurst is planned.

May 2009
National gathering in Sidonia

July 2009
Visit to the Damanhur community in Italy

August 2009
Tutor seminar Laughter Yoga with Ejvind Jacobsen
Vacation with Humanity´s Team – kids and adults

September 2009
Meeting in Slovakia

With love and respect
Humanitys´s Team Czech Republic




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