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Spirit of HT

11.03.2009 18:07

Czech Team had workshop about spirit of HT. We met in Prague on 20.-22.2.2009.

This event was a product of a long term creative process. It was preceded by a number of other events such as Christian Pankhurst's "Introduction to heart circles" or "Natural Expression" facilitated by Robert Sattler. These and other events attracted a number of enthusiastic and motivated people into Humanity’s Team who were willing to become the change they wanted to see in the world. This is when Robert once again offered his help. At the meeting of the Czech Humanity’s Team's Council it was decide that a workshop will be created where we will all have an opportunity to review on what "The Spirit of Humanity's Team" means for us. Hence this became the title of the workshop. Our vision was to use this event to become clearer on what exactly we want to take part in around H Humanity’s Team, what exactly we want to offer people inside and outside the movement, which tools and language to use or who do we want to approach first.

The workshop finally materialized at the end of February. Those two days were truly demanding as we demanded a lot from ourselves and everybody had to be 100 percent present. Not in a sense that we were coerced into something but if you are doing what you are passionate about, with people you love, it is the only way. And the result was extraordinary. The tangible outcomes were four sentences and one painting but an enormous energy stands behind them as well as a close team. A team of people where everybody is aware of what Humanity’s Team is, is capable of expressing it precisely and where we all know that what we express is in tune with the others. The Spirit of Humanity’s Team that we evoked there entered us and we became its body.

And how did we reach this moment? Robert took us on a journey where we all were searching and expressing what we are in relationship with Humanity’s Team, how we feel there with others and how we feel the Spirit of Humanity’s Team and its materializations in our every-day lives. We became clearer about the paths between what is and what we want. We expressed our individuality while touching the Spirit of Humanity’s Team with our unity, giving it strength and meaning in our day-to-day reality. And the Spirit of Humanity’s Team created through us its intentions. Our participation opens a whole new chapter in our self-development, self-realization and a new era of cooperation. Work we carried out contained the mental, emotional as well as spiritual and physical level. We cried, laughed and were deeply fulfilled. It were extraordinary two days, filled with mutual trust, respect and cooperation where so many things were born that we have so much to do till the end of time. But most importantly, we believe that this work is so meaningful, that its impact will last forever.

We were deeply interconnected both among ourselves and the Spirit that what our words were often filled with profound wisdom. We therefore recorded many important sections. However, we decided that these tapes will remain private and will not be made public. Nevertheless, we intend to create a transcript to share with others.

Robert: Marketa, repeat the feelings you had when you became the Spirit of HT.

Marketa: It was very pleasant and this feeling was coming from the fact that while I felt great lightness and playfulness its was at the same time very profound.

Robert: Marcel, will you share any feelings from this short exercise?

Marcel: When I was in the role of HT, I felt grandness but at the same time I was relaxed. There was a great lightness in the power.


What is Humanity´s Team for us?

Humanity´s Team is a community of people creating a free space for expressing of who we really are. It nourishes the individuality of everyone while building upon what all of us have in common. We are bound by mutual kindness, joy and respect. HT activities help us live a conscious and harmonious life.

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