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GOD in Czech Republic

31.10.2012 20:09

Hi every dear soul of Oneness World

our GOD in Czech republic has been very nice! A calm, small, authentic and pleasant evening on 25th October started around 17 o clock in the afternoon when we met in the Prague club Podsklepeno where the culture actions usually take place. This time firstly in this cool place for HT CR, but defnitely not for the last time!!

We introduced the singers and guitarrists Klara and Michael who like to perform together.and their set was brilliant.I liked very much all the songs which impressed me by tenderness and inner strength in the same time.

See the English song performed by Klára here: 

We followed to the painting of Mandala which we spontaneously printed out on that day (the original piece Flower of Life which we intended to create did not arrived unfortunetely to Prague, so we had to improvise). We enjoyed it very much - see the picture attached to the e-mail. Everyone relieved by his/her own colored part.

Althought we were not so many people, we could then share together in our Circle of Desires lead by Markéta.
We ended the event by the beatiful meditation of Oneness which I translated into Czech.

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Thanks a lot for your kind support and encourageous messages which you sent us in the last week!

Warm regards and hugs from Prague:
David and Diana, on behalf of Czech HT
and more pics attached....




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