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What is Humanity´s Team?


Humanity´s Team is a community of people creating a free space for expressing of who we really are. It nourishes the individuality of everyone while building upon what all of us have in common. We are bound by mutual kindness, joy and respect. HT activities help us live a conscious and harmonious life.

Delivering Oneness Day Declaration to Foreign Ministry Offices

Archbishop Tutu Receives Spiritual Leadership Award From Humanity's Team


GOD in Czech Republic

31.10.2012 20:09
Hi every dear soul of Oneness World our GOD in Czech republic has been very nice! A calm, small, authentic and pleasant evening on 25th October started around 17 o clock in the afternoon when we met in the Prague club Podsklepeno where the culture actions usually take place. This time firstly...

Humanity's Team Czech Republic 2012 Annual Report

13.05.2012 11:34
Registered teammates: 246 THE ACTUAL CORE TEAM: David Frei – CC, translation team leader Diana Frei – CC, Facebook HT ČR administrator, Events coordinator Markéta Bühler – Educational and Communication team Ladislav Lászlo – IT administrator Jája Dušková – Accountant/Financial Kamil...

What we experienced in 2009

21.02.2010 07:33
presentation from the HT´s annual general meeting Vyhledat další podobné snímky na: Humanity's Team Ceska republika

HT in 2009 by Steve Farrell

01.02.2010 16:45
Dear Friends, May you and your family enjoy a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a warm Rosh Hashanah, a joyful New Year, real connection in Ramadan, and wonderful celebration this Winter Solstice and holiday season. As we come up on the holidays and end of year, I’d like to update you on things...

What is New Spirituality?

07.12.2009 18:32
New Spirituality was spontaneously born among the postmodernists of the late 20th century and exists all around the world in a non-institutionalised way. One of those who formulated it explicitly is American Neale Donald Walsch. He has managed to cleanse it from old beliefs and expressed its...

1 hour Laughter Yoga

17.04.2009 12:34
    Laughter Yoga -      or how to laugh for no reason at all except for laughter itself   30-60 minute program   Stand in a circle. One person must be anchor and guide the rest. Only anchor can talk. Other expressions are ok – BUT NO TALKING J Start by...

The year 2008 – 2009 in HT CR

07.04.2009 13:23
With this text we would like to introduce the Czech HT to the Global Council which is to hold place in April 2009 in South Africa’s Johannesburg. We would like to let people around the world know how we live, what we do in HT, what HT is to us, how we perceive it, what HT gives us and what we...

Spirit of HT

11.03.2009 18:07
Czech Team had workshop about spirit of HT. We met in Prague on 20.-22.2.2009. This event was a product of a long term creative process. It was preceded by a number of other events such as Christian Pankhurst's "Introduction to heart circles" or "Natural Expression" facilitated by Robert Sattler....

We are creating New Earth

What does HT mean for me?

I love to see the beauty and the love you radiate during our meetings. Thank, thanks a lot for that! (Jája)

What does HT mean for me? What is our power coming from? Is it Team spirit? The consciousness of unity? Holy Ghost? The answer has been coming for a long time I am in HT. The mission is:  we create a New Earth. And we are both the creators and the beings that are given birth to. (Kamil)

Walsch wrote a long time ago: “Stop finding the new world, start to create it!” I am happy we manage this and we can be an inspiration. My desire is to fill up Wenceslas square with the similar-meaning people and sing together: “Krásně je na světě” (It’s Beautiful in the World). (Vlasta)

I am still in getting to know you, but I already like this process. The meeting was gorgeous and I am still charged with energy, joy and inner gentle stroke. And I know I like to play again with you and thus learn you better. (Eva)


What is New Earth

New Earth is our vision we have in our hearts.

New Earth is a way of our living, thinking and acting.

It is the World according our most beautiful vision, where is Peace, Love between us, Harmony between nations, and we all co-operate to come Earth into blossom.

New Earth are people and relationships among them. That’s We and our counsiousness of WE ARE ALL ONE,connected in hudge mosaic named Life.

New Earth is a spiritual place between us,we actively create it by our interlinking.

We Love to be together on the New Earth,co-create it in our own waysand according our hearts...

Tools which works

Online communication - Skype, Yahoogroups, emails

We have one paid cell phone as well as Skype account

Regular meetings of Council (core team)

Regular emailing our teammates and supporters

Continuous keeping of high energy

Fresh information in the webside

We use three websides - HT main web, HT ning and HT plus

Inside of HT plus, there is also our chronicle

Our light points

National HT retreats

Support and space for everyone’s creativity and passion

Together with newcomers / other groups

Choosing various locations to give opportunity for people from whole country to meet us

Participating in retreats of other groups

Participating in various seminars

Combination of functional work, co-creation, joy, fun and deep friendship

The way we work

We respect we are part of the society and its structures and laws

We create and sustain our HT movement independent of particular persons

Together as well as individually we do our inner work

We keep staying open and transparent

HT Czech history

2003 - first HT CC meeting in Prague

2004 - N.D.Walsch in Prague

            founded HT movement

            first regular HT meetings

2005 - building up our first core team

2006 - founded HT-CR as civil association

2007 - interconnecting with other similar
          organizations and groups


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